Living Room Organization Ideas

From messy piles of magazines to out-of-control cords, it can be tough to maintain a clean living room (especially if the kiddos are always running around!). As a central gathering area, it’s important to find easy ways to keep this space clean and organized. Don’t worry, we’ve got tips and tricks that will make you an organizing pro! Keep reading below to discover what will work best for you and your space, and get ready to relax in your new clutter-free room.

1. Create Zones

The first step in organizing a living room is designating specific areas for each activity, such as a seating area, play area, or reading area. Determine each zone by thinking about how your family and friends use the space. Are you always entertaining? Do you have game nights? Do your children craft or play in the space? Once you have your answers, you can give each activity its own spot in your living room.

For example, sometimes toys and board games can overstay their welcome by crowding bookshelves, floors, or table tops. To corral them, give the toys and games a home in an unused corner in your living room. Plus, the kids now have a permanent play area. Include storage options like bins, a small game table, or shelving to provide more play room and control clutter.


2. Clutter-Free Table Tops

Tables tend to accumulate objects and piles of loose papers, newspapers, magazines, and books over time. The more organized a flat surface is, the more pleasing it is to the eye. Create a clutter-free area by placing similar items in organized piles or finding a completely new home for it (or recycle!).

Use small accents—trays, bowls, and bins—as a clever way to rein in miscellaneous items, like candles, decorative accessories, remotes, and more.


3. Multifunctional Coffee Table

Whether you have a small or large space, invest in a multifunctional coffee table. Find an option with extra drawers or shelves to store lots of items— electronics, books, blankets, remotes, etc. Organization is the key to maintaining a clean coffee table.

Not ready to invest? Try placing low-profile storage baskets or bins under your existing coffee table.


4. Storage Baskets, Decorative Bins, or Cubbies

For most designers and home decor enthusiasts, storage baskets are a go-to option—and for good reason! They add a decorative element to your space, while hiding unused or out-of-season items.Baskets and bins are versatile so you can easily play around with their placement. If you get tired of a basket’s current placement, simply pick it up and move it to another room, place on a shelf, or set under a console table.

If you’re constantly entertaining, add a decorative waste basket to your space to make clean-up easy. Find a style with a lid that matches your decor. Remember to use a deodorizing trash bag if you’re tossing out any food or drink items.


5. Control the Extras

From your endless collection of knick knacks, movies, games, music, or books, carefully choose the ones you want to display. Place unused items out of sight, in the cabinets of an entertainment center, or in storage ottomans that double as extra seating.



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Marina Voronina

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