Who is a Professional Organizer?

“For me being organized isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.”

— Barry Izsak, Professional Organizer

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A professional organizer (PO) is an individual who helps other people get organized for a living.  PO will apply its advanced understanding of organizational systems and processes to other people’s chaotic situations, and help them develop solutions that work in their lives. So essentially, PO is a professional troubleshooter and problem-solver.

   Many times clients call an organizer when they feel they are in organizational trouble.

Some people might think what PO does is helping people who are too “lazy” to do things for themselves. I’m sure such people cut their own hair, make their own clothes, and tutor their own children in calculus without any difficulty, but I’m afraid the rest of the world is a little more interdependent.

Professional organizers are trained, skilled specialists who help people create order where it is lacking in their lives, so that they can make long-term improvements and keep disorder at bay. A good analogy would be someone who is not naturally good at staying fit and eating healthily. You could say, “just read a book on sensible eating and exercise” but if that were true, would there be so many millions of books on the topic? Would so many people be unhealthy?

Beyond helping you get organized, declutter, focus on decluttering, and create a system where you won’t fall back into old bad habits, professional organizers can also make sure you get the most possible money for your old items and biggest bang for your organizing buck.