Say Yes to a New and Fulfilling Clutter Free Life

Say Yes to a New and Fulfilling Clutter Free Life

What’s wrong with clutter? I mean, isn’t clutter part of your stuff that has Just accumulated over time? Well, clutter can be in more ways than one harmful to not only your space but also your life. Many of us get used to our space the way it is; all the clutter included. In some way it may form part of our natural surrounding so much so that we tend to lose the feeling of having a clutter free life. 

To better explain the issue of clutter, I always give an example of someone who is short sighted, without correction, he or she is somehow content with the inadequacies in his/her vision. It might be a little uncomfortable once in a while but the person remains unbothered all the same. In the event that he/ she gets a pair of corrective glasses, the vision becomes so clear that you start to wonder why they ever settled on walking around without glasses. That is exactly what clutter does to you! It is the shortsightedness in your vision that needs fixing.

Was the person blind without the classes? No!

Did the person function optimally without the glasses? No! Were the glasses helpful in his/her quality of life? Absolutely!

Clutter is more like shortsightedness, it does not technically cause pain, but it is one hell of an uncomfortable position to stay in.

So back to our clutter, how exactly is it uncomfortable? 

  • Time wastage– clutter will waste your time! For starters you will always be taking an extra five minutes or ten in your day just to look for something you “misplaced” just because you cannot find it among the heavy pile of, yes you are right, Clutter! With the kind of life we are having here in Hong Kong we all know how much ten minutes means to your employer.
  • Mind clogging– the human mind is one beautiful organ in the body. It works more or less like a computer. It processes information from all the sensory inputs. And just like a computer, the more the random inputs, the slower the processing. Clutter has a way of getting into clear thinking. It is the little distractions that come from misplaced items, disorganized items, repeated purchases etc. that actively nibble into your processing capacity making you think and function at a slower pace. At least you now know why you cannot complete assignments and tasks in time.
  • Financial burden– How many times have you ever bought something only to look for it three days later and you cannot find it? This mostly happens when dealing with small items like cufflinks, socks earrings, bracelets etc. These small purchases end up amounting to an enviable portion of your paycheck. Do you really have to buy new stuff every month just because of clutter? I guess not. 
  • Cutter is just unattractive– Given a choice between a well-organized clutter free room and a poorly organized room full of clutter, every self-loving person in his/her right mind will choose the neat clutter free room. Everyone is attracted to organization and neatness. Next time friends and family are reluctant to come over, question the clutter status of your place!

To save time, avoid mental fatigue, save money and avoid heart ache, you might as well declutter your place. It doesn’t cost much, but it goes a long way in saving you a lot. It is time to see the world for the beauty it radiates! Get yourself a decluttering service today and change the way you experience life!


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Marina Voronina

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