I’m Marina Voronina  – a professional organiser. I’m  based in Hong Kong since 2009.

I use my experience, education, combined with tested techniques, processes and strategies, to create spaces and organizational systems that promote efficiency and give clients more time to enjoy their lives. I also act as Productivity Coach to my clients, offering tips and instructing them in proper methods to better manage their time.
Learning how to get organised is a difficult challenge for many people. And once a home becomes cluttered, it can seem impossible to declutter and get back on track.

I can provide legitimate, easy to implement solutions and systems. This does more than organize your home, in truth; this will help you organize your life.

The ultimate mission of a professional organiser is not just to make a client’s space less cluttered and better arranged, but to customize an organizing process that a client will actually use long after a professional organiser  gone.

Please check my services which can be useful for you for this moment. I can also train you or your helper how to categorise things and keep it in oder.

Work is billed by the project or by the hour.

I’m looking forward making your life happier, lighter and clutter-free!

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